Whee! Screenshot!

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September 12th, 2009 9:50 am

OK, so I have a working prototype!

Kind-of pointless screenshot.

Kind-of pointless screenshot.

Not very exciting, but it works. Create and edit pages here (starting with ‘Adventure/’, link them up, and it’ll let you navigate between them. To make it easier, pages that don’t exist will give you a link so you can write them. To jump to a page, simply add ‘p=PAGENAME’ (without the ‘Adventure/’ bit) to the URL. It’s case-sensitive.

Um, not really sure where to go from here. Making ”’ become <b> and ” become <i> would be good. Then maybe some kind of inventory…? I really have no idea. 😛

EDIT: The best bit about this is that other people are already writing the actual game pages for me! 😛

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  1. HybridMind says:

    I’ve had a great time with this entry already. I forgot how fun it can be to collaboratively build content especially when there is such a low overhead to creating text based descriptions and paths.

    The one problem is there doesn’t seem to be a page lock in effect so that clobbering of other entries has happened when there are two builders simultaneously creating. Oh well..

    Cool idea and a lot of fun. I think I added about 5 or 6 pages worth but have to get going on some other things today… 😉 Will check back later to see how the story is progressing.

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