Mini LD #12 is GOOOO!

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September 11th, 2009 5:01 pm

And the theme is…


ok, so before I dropped the hint that you should be ready with some way of getting at web data, well heres what that is all about:

I want you to make a game that pulls stuff from wikipedia (or a mediawiki I set up especially) and uses that in your game. it could be something as simple as loading images on a page and making them enemies to kill, or perhaps you want to generate levels from the text, and links on the page are doors to other levels? or perhaps (if you really want to push yourself) you can get your game to add pages and content to the wiki and have a full on changing MUD going on.

reading information from mediawiki really isnt that daunting, and I’ve put up some examples on the mediawiki I set up to get you started.

if you cant (or dont want to) access the web with your game, saving a local copy of a page and/or images is fine. as is picking any page on wikipedia you want and using that as a theme instead if you want a more traditional LD experiance.

big important thing to know:
miniLDs now also have the new submission page for your finished games (if you only make a blog post about it I might miss it!) so when your game is done, post it here:

and finally the optional bonus theme that gets you pretend points:
“Duke Nukem Forever”
…have fun with that one folks 😉

finish time is 0000 UTC on monday, you have 48 hours, get cracking! 😀

10 Responses to “Mini LD #12 is GOOOO!”

  1. Chaoseed says:

    …Oh, now THIS has possibilities! 😀

  2. brandonman says:

    I would love a project like this, but alas, I don’t think I’ll have the time this weekend. Also, I hate network programming in C++, so, I have to pass :(

  3. Radix says:

    I think I’ll pull stuff from the WHOLE INTERNET instead.
    But later, maybe tomorrow. I think I need to relax a bit first.

  4. YourNakedUncle says:

    Neat, I think I’ll be using I’ll try out Unity for this one.

    Typing of the Geometric Shapes. Me thinks.

    Hopefully nabbing web content is just as easy in Unity as it is in AS3.

  5. Jonny D says:

    I lost my copy of Duke Nukem Forever…

  6. Codexus says:

    Really cool theme. I don’t think I’ll have the time though.

  7. MrDude says:

    The WolfRam page acts funny for me. It seems to think that my lappy is giving it the time in UTC. :-/

    (The fact that it seems to be pulling the time from my laptop is even stranger…)

    It says that there are 36 hours remaining, when there are actually 32.

    It’s not that I need it. (I know what time 00:00 UTC is in my time zone) but it’s interesting to note.

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