A Post-Compo Revisit of Byte Vs GNOME

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September 7th, 2009 8:49 am

Edit: I’ve gotten the GoogleCode page up!

I’ve decided to keep working on Byte Vs. GNOME.

I’ve recieved some encouraging comments, and feel that it could become something really nice with some polish.

I’ve got the following planned:

  • Actually making the random world generator
  • Multiple weapons, including a machine gun and a rocket launcher
  • Multiple types of enemy, including bosses
  • Activators including doors, retractable bridges, and switches
  • The game-type bits that were missing from the compo version, like a health bar and a score counter
  • User-configured key bindings
  • And perhaps even more as it evolves

I’m currently tearing my code apart to allow it to be extended. This is the most troublesome part, after which Good Things can happen.

I’ll be making a GoogleCode page. Once it has gotten reasonably nice, I will likely make a SourceForge page.

Here’s to having a good idea in a crucible, and then refining it into a jewel.

—Mr. Dude

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