CaveBounce 1.1 and postmortem

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September 7th, 2009 4:50 pm

Made by myself, Matthew Hyndman.

I present: Cave Bounce version 1.1 (Windows executable, 1.8MB)

The premise is simple: there are two superimposed caves on top of each other, and you can change which is active at any given time. By doing so you must navigate through puzzles, collect coins, and dodge missiles.

A pretty screenshot: (the player just died and was reset to the start of the level point, hence the seemingly floating)


Changes include:

-drawing the thin outline of the back layer in front of the frontmost layer, so you have an idea of the shape of the back layer.

-a color indication (light/dark green)  of whetehr or not the player is currently able to change layers.

-Several minor changes, including slight tweaking of missile speeds and such; they’re still roughly the same, but they are a little slower/turrets fire a bit less often.

-A subtle gradient background (before it was solid black)

-More levels! I scrapped and redesigned some of the ‘boring’ older levels, and added more new exciting levels, some of which are puzzle only and some of which are missile oriented. There are now 25 levels to the old 20.  Some of the coin locations are now more realisticly obtainable (the staircase screen should be doable for 100% coins now), and there are some new difficult to obtain coins.

-Before, as long as the centre of the player was not a wall on the back layer you can switch, which caused curious half of the player is in a wall situations. I added in a quick feature so that if this is the case, the player should be popped a little bit over to be out of the wall.

-I added some more HUD ocunter stuffs: you now see the FPS and how far you have progressed. seeing that you are on screen 22/25 is more motivation to finish than just knowing that you’re 20 some out of who knows how many

-When the player dies, he is reset to the start of teh screen. Before this did not change the layer, so it could potentially stick him in a wall, so it now also reverts the active layer to the layer of incoming.

-I reduced the number of particles somewhat so things will run a bit faster (not a lot), while still looking the same.

Postmortem stuff: (After Death?)

Woo! This was my first LD ever, and I loved it, came out great. I’ve entered another 48 hour comp before, but I was less experienced and more or less failed at that one. ( We made a game, it just wasn’t very deep)

The good:

no big problems, I had a fairly cool idea and it all seemed to flow.

Missiles and coins were both last minute additions, and yet the game would’ve been pretty boring without them. I’m quite glad they ended up there.

I made a game. in 48 hours. that is fun to play. I’m happy.

The bad:

No music or sound effects. They are, at the moment, somethign that I do not do. Sorry all.

I overused particles a bit, and so it runs slowly on weaker machines. this slowness can cause bugs like skipping through walls in extreme cases.

the art really wasn’t great (the player is a circle), although it did end up being fairly stylish.

Map design was somewhat rushed, and so wasn’t great (although it’s still good)

Difficulty level is a bit high and intimidates some. Unfortunately for them, I like action games as well as puzzlers, so this is likely still the case. Fear not, it is all quite doable, and there are several screens that are missile free.


I had fun and am looking forward to future LDs :)

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  1. Sparky says:

    Ooh, a new version. I’m glad you made this. Have you posted it elsewhere? I think a lot of people would enjoy playing this. (TIGSource comes to mind.)

    • Almost says:

      Thanks for the feedback :)

      I haven’t really posted it elsewhere much, although I would like too. I’m not too familiar with which sites allow me to submit games, but I’ll see how many I can find.

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