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September 4th, 2009 3:21 pm

Hello, I’m sorry for not writing more or getting on IRC during this LD.

Problems: Halfway through I got some bad news from a friend that took my attention for at least 12 hours and sapped my motivation once I did get back to finishing the game. I didn’t even try to name the game. There were other forces working against me during the compo. One was the unrelenting fury of the sun. A heatwave struck san diego with the start of the compo, and I was rarely in air conditioning. I did my best work under trees in breezy parks.  I was also without my mouse during the compo, something especially useful in the game maker development environment, even more so as this was my second GM game and I was learning new tricks.

Concept: When I saw ‘caverns’ it only took a few minutes before I was thinking down the rabbit hole from alice in wonderland. I remembered the scene (from the disney version) where she eats to grow big and drinks to shrink. I had the concept of using size altering items with cavernous environments to create situations that could be easy, difficult, or impossible depending on your size. I remembered how mario also grows by eating mushrooms, and so a mario-alice hybrid was born.

Didn’t get to: NPC’s to push a story: The characters and story would have come easily, simply by mixing elements from super mario bros and alice in wonderland. A grappling hook to swing over obstacles. Flame jets, pools of lava, more ice, button switches, and assisting NPC’s through rooms. Multiplayer co-op mode which would open access to new areas, the players would be able to stack.

Bugs: Any size larger than default will have to jump to clear the crest of a slope. Eating two mushrooms simultaneously causes player to embed in floor. Other occasional oddities. For these reasons, I included cheats, F to shrink (Fan), G to grow, R to restart. I was considering making F to shrink an item to obtain, this is based on elements from the original version of alice in wonderland (Lewis Carroll). However, it is possible to pass all levels without the use of cheats.

I’ve started playing the entries, good job everyone, impressive games. Thanks for playing.


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