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September 3rd, 2009 4:13 am


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I’ve tinkered around with my Ludum Dare entry a bit more, and am ready to make another release (there may be one or two more after this, but nothing major.) For a while now I’ve been wanting to play with these mechanics, and Ludum Dare was a great opportunity.

New this version:

  • sound (or something vaguely resembling it)
  • vacuum affects enemy projectiles
  • vacuum can be used to destroy enemies with their own projectiles
  • 8 levels

There are other things I’m interested in trying, but I will probably not experiment with them in this prototype. These include:

  • an alternate weapon mode that adds to walls instead of destroying them
  • incorporating indestructible surfaces
  • a charge shot with variable blast radius
  • ammunition containers that double as shootable explosives
  • better ways to handle lava
  • stones (Dig Dug!) which are embedded in walls and can be freed to crush enemies, saving ammunition
  • ways to limit recoil jumping, so it can be used to hover, but not reach unlimited heights

4 Responses to “New Post-Competition Build”

  1. nilsf says:

    This version is quite cool. :)
    Keep us posted.

  2. Sparky says:

    I’ve updated the link with a version that has improved player movement (there were some glitches in the previous version).

  3. qubodup says:

    This is pretty fun, reminds me of the Red Faction 1 Demo :) Too bad nothing fun happens when you reach the borders of the “The End” level.

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