Deep Escape: walkthrough

September 3rd, 2009 1:32 pm

I was waiting for a Windows port before doing a postmortem, but I wanted to add a walkthrough for people who don’t want to solve the whole thing.

General hints: There’s three parts: an “orientation” section, followed by a puzzle with three switches (orange pink white), followed by a puzzle with four switches (blue green red yellow). Each of these three parts is separated by a long tunnel, and you never need to backtrack to a previous part. If you think you’re going the wrong way, press Down to turn around. Also, hold Up or Space while walking to speed things up. Because all the steps are reversible, it shouldn’t be possible to get stuck. You might wind up worse off than you started, though.

In the walkthrough below, each line is one room. “Blue 1st right” means turn to face the blue switch, hit it, and then take the first door to the right of the switch. If the line doesn’t have a color, such as “2nd left”, do not turn to face the switch, even if there’s one in the room. Just take the second door to the left of the direction you were facing when you entered. (This is counting closed doors, so if the first door on the left is closed, “2nd left” is the first open door on the left.) Okay?

Part 1:

1st left
Cyan 1st left
Purple 1st left

Part 2:

Orange 1st left
Pink 1st right
White 1st left
Orange 2nd left
White 2nd left
Pink 1st right
White 1st right

Part 3:

1st right
Green 1st right
Red 1st left
Yellow 1st left
Blue 1st right
Yellow 1st right
Green 1st left
Yellow 1st left
Blue 1st right
Yellow 2nd left
1st right

Thanks for playing!

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