Throwing in the mouse pad

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August 30th, 2009 1:17 pm

I’d like to say I went down with a glorious ring of the clock, as the time ran out. But if I were to burn through the night, chuging something that would resemble coffee jello I would surely be out for the better part of tommorow. And I just can’t afford that. I guess this LD is just not to be.

I need to prepare myself better next time. My game this time had some potential, It wasn’t jsut some lame ass idea I usually go with. But I spent almost no time on it the first day, just enough to get my framework up. And today I bravely took on my herculean task thinking I could still salvage it, and at least make it playable. But I have failed again.

Next time I need better preperations all around. Just a good idea or refeined game engine just don’t work out. You need the package. So until next time, I will either finish up my SDL framework or learn some other killer framework or game engine. I will also buy a box of energy drinks and burn through saturday and sunday. I will find a peacefull spot, where I won’t be distracted by every little event. I will try to take monday off, so I can charge to the finish line, and more importantly, have a day dedicated to sleep. Also I will prepare for any other possible scenario, that could prevent me from finishing a kick ass game ( mother nature will not have the best of me!).


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  1. jazmeister says:

    Did you try Trance? Matt (makes games) linked this:

    And it saved me from a similar predicament.

  2. noonat says:

    Bravo for trying. I hope you’re not too discouraged. It can be the most frustrating when you have something that you are really excite about and want to make and just can’t swing it in time. I would definitely agree that have a really solid framework that you are really experienced with helps a lot. Here’s to having better luck next time!

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