Simply Cavern Done!

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August 30th, 2009 6:30 pm

Uploaded my entry just a bit ago.

Find the key and open the treasure chest to win!  Avoid the Red Dragon and Bat.  Arrow keys to move.

Used Jave and Irfanview for graphics.  SFXR and MS Sound Recorder for sound.  Yes, this sad excuse for a game was made in Game Maker 5.  Blame it on me not Mark Overmars.

11:58am Sat.  Power reset before I saved the last log.  Didn’t save what I’d developed as of yet either.  Decided to sleep over coding last night.  Still a little shakey on theme.

Currently drinking:  Instant coffee + rice protien + stevia + strawberry extract.  Really bad instant coffee too.

12:43pm Sat.  Gettings caffeined up.  Frustrated with thinking about game ideas.  Has to be simple.  Has to be doo-able.  has to be fun and unique..  Arrrgh!!!!  Shooter RPG Cavern style?  Hmmmn..

4:38pm Sat.  Decided on an art style.  Took awhile to figure out the image processing.  Thinking of standardizing on a Venture/Adventure motif.

5:11pm Sat.  Still working on the game font.  What a pain!!!!  Only doing symbols, numbers and caps though..

5:40pm sat.  Did I mention custom fonts are a pain?  Almost to the letters though..

6:26pm Sat.  Font is done!  Moving on to player sprites and objects.

7:17pm Sat.  player is moving with basic collision.  Added dummy treasure object.

8:24pm Sat.  Ate Steak & Cheese Hose ole and tried to take a nap to no avail.

12:41pm Sun. Started work again after abandoning the project for the rest of Sat.  Got title screen mostly done.

3:01pm Sun.  Got room exiting and enterning done.

4:01pm Sun.  Red Dragon Sprite “good enough” done.  Adjusted game for Full Med and low hero health.

6:15pm Sun.  Got some sound in.  More animation for dragon.  Player health dealt with.

9:12pm Sun.  Went to work to finish the rest.  It’s feature complete.  You can die and you can win.

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