Jaz: Bunker

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August 30th, 2009 6:54 am

0005 title screen - early

So this is what I have so far. Download link is: http://willhostforfood.com/?Action=download&fileid=82059

Windows only, I’m afraid. Let me know if you have troubles with it.

0006 play screen - early

I managed to utterly simplify my graphics and get a huge boost in productivity and morale. I totally failed to take pictures of the food I’ve been eating, or my horrifying desk, but there’s always LD16, right? 😀

Honestly, I’m pleased with it so far. I need to work out what the hell you’re actually doing, though… maybe destroying a block will uncover a thing that gets you to the next level? It started in my head as an RTS, where you’d tag blocks for digging by your dudes, build buildings into the backdrop, and actually encounter real caverns with amorphous bad guys in there :O but I ended up leaving it on while I made food, and discovering how cool it gets after about five minutes. Your population reaches a sort of critical mass and then ruins the landscape and dies off.

Oh yeah, right click to heal blocks, left click to damage them. Look out for the odd mutant 😀

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