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August 30th, 2009 6:46 pm

Wow, what a weekend.

That there was a ld15 this weekend caught me by surprise. I was not sure I would enter until it all began. I figured it was time to complete a complete entry. First up, I started with the music.

I wanted to have some voice, so I wrote stuff into a text-file and got mac speech to speak it out loud. At first I had no idea how to record it to a sound file, but somone on the ld-irc helped me out by showing me that “say -o sound.aiff” would record to file.

The lyrics in the text were inspired by that song “I’m on a boat.. ” , and I wanted to do something similar only in cave setting.

I’m in a cave.
in a cave mother fucker.
never thought I’d be in a cave.
dark void and sunshine miles away.
baby let’s cave-in tonight, fuck the light today.

Then I figured, since the mac speech sounds like a robot, that there would be a robot speaking. And I wrote some stuff about the robot needing a rope. I still had no gameplay ideas. I dribbled down some stuff on a paper about a rope and a cave, but didn’t find anything. In the lyrics there is also some hints to the robot being evil and wanting to kill you for the rope.

Then the idea came to me, to make a cave setting with stone monsters spawning to attack you, to get the rope that the robot claims you have.

Oh, and a fun part of my experience was after creating the song, I went outside with my camera to take stone/cave textures. They turned out quite decent I think, allthough I’ve probably tiled them to death on my very flat box-like geometry. Wish I had a 3d program available in the pipeline to make some cool geometry, but maybe for next time.

Also thanks to the people at the irc channel for company throughout the weekend.

Here is the link to the game entry

And for people who really wants it, here’s the complete lyrics.

I’m in a cave.
in a cave mother fucker.
never thought I’d be in a cave.
dark void and sunshine miles away.
baby let’s cave-in tonight, fuck the light today.

The cave is so dark and loomy,
caveat I forgot we can’t see shit,
the monsters, the horrors.
shoot them, with your colt, revolt,
light baby, light. hold me tight.

Feelings are for pussies,
now I want you to fight.
Shoot your terror,
bring me a rope.
I’m the cave monster,
mostly your mother,
t-bone was busy, so mac-speech got busy,
in the mix slicks, rock steady, the cave is full of them.
the rocks everywhere, cool bystanders drip from the ceiling.
cave is ready, let’s go rave in the cave.

For what it’s worth, which amounts to nothing,
there is less here than four-fourtyeight hours
could bring to this thing.
I am instructing you. A rope, a rope.
I want your rope. My monsters want your rope.
Survive them, survive me.
In a cave. what the fuck are you doing in a cave?

Disco shit, bring light shows in the mix.
Cave, cave, rope rope, ain’t it all dope dope?
stones are cold and wet, will you slide away?
please, I’m the robot in the cave, save.
save me in the cave, save me in the cave,
your rope is the only way to save me in the cave

Never thought I’d see the day,
when a cave came tumbling my way,
believe me when I say,
I fucked a golem

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  1. Doches says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Is the song this is based on itself based on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead?! Because that would make me fucking happy!

    • havchr says:

      No.. I should check out Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead , havn’t heard about it before. I see there is a movie, is that the one I should check out?

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