Cavern Generation is a go

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August 30th, 2009 1:19 pm

Lets see, I got on the computer at what, 10:30 ish, and now it is 3:12. (should have waited two minuets to write this.)  After much coding, I finally have cavern generation working.  Every cavern you’ll see is generated by the game from scratch including the first cavern you start in.  While you play the game will seamlessly generate the next cavern in the background.  It will then place it on chance with coming in at a random point on the direction your mining, and if the space it wants to be placed in is open.  What’s left is to do a tiny bit of finishing up on cavern generation including adding things like stalagmites and mushrooms to make the caverns more interesting.  Then I will hopefully get some music made that will play in the background.  After that I want to add a goal to the game (collect as many mushrooms as you can?) and some other goodies that will make it fun to play.

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