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August 29th, 2009 6:48 am

Out of sequence photos:

My original plan, written on a bus:

bus plan

My dinner:

green eggs

I need some vegetables.

I also need a way to make cave flyer not like every other cave flyer. is genre-blending the answer? Let’s brainstorm.

  • cave flyer RPG
  • cave flyer Roguelike
  • cave flyer Legend-of-Zelda exploring the wilderness
  • cave flyer + get out of your ship and it’s a platform game
  • cave flyer + base builder\tower defence\support a city and bring it supplies
  • cave flyer + trading game (buy low sell high)
  • cave flyer taxi (get from here to there, quick)
  • cave flier + Meritous (I enjoy meritous)

The trick is choosing something that is original but won’t take too long to code.

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