Jaz: Terror of the Underdark

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August 28th, 2009 11:04 pm

0001 First attempt at sprites

This is my first shot at the sprites for my game. This is just to show you the baseline I’m working from.

0002 First concept

This is a concept of the game itself. I’m planning on some detailed, cute sprites, but I reckon if I worry about that later on and just get working, fun times.

Set in the Nuke-proof bunker where humanity persists following a terrying Nukular Holocaust, you’re the official in charge of managing dig operations. The idea is to mine out farms and additional living space while the surface cools off. Just, you know, make sure you don’t encounter any amorphous carnivores who’ll do everything they can to ingest every last scrap of humanity. That would be terrible.

Control is like dungeon keeper: you direct your minions, you don’t get to pick which one does what. You’ll mark areas out for mining, then dudes will come along and do that. You’ll mark areas for guarding, or whatever, and Marine types will… anyway. It’ll look like lemmings: minions mill around on a 2d plane and react predictably to events. This is all conjecture until I can get the thing playable. Might find my old copy of fruityloops and knock up an mp3, but time is always short. To arms!

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