Harvester – Final

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August 28th, 2009 9:31 pm

An idea I’ve been wanting to try out. I doubt it’ll get finished, but if nothing else I’ll have a nice mock-up for my troubles. :)

All right, it’s finished! This is a story-heavy exploration game with puzzles and Collectible Card Game elements. Go ahead and give it a try. I’m very proud of this game–it was definitely a rush to make everything in time!

Windows-only link:


Windows/Mac/Linux link (.air file–open with AIR):


Title Screen

Harvester Duel

4 Responses to “Harvester – Final”

  1. NightFall says:

    this game kinda sucks, i cant get to the chest and the key because they keep moving with me…
    and when I press up, i go down and when i press down, i go up.
    same with left and right, kind of hate it….

  2. CraigStern says:

    The chest and key move with you? That’s…bizarre. Never seen that before. Could you tell me what system setup/version of Flash you’re using?

  3. dan cash says:

    is it intentional that none of the enemies will attack you back it makes combat a bit…. easy.

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