Swarm Racer 3000 at Tokyo Game Show

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August 26th, 2009 3:39 pm

If you ever wondered why Ludum Dare keeps going after all these years, it’s for awesome news like this.

Ludum Dare veteran Joseph White (aka Lexaloffle, aka Lex… when I’m lazy)’s latest game Swarm Racer 3000 will be on display at this upcoming Tokyo Game Show. It’s one of several titles being featured at the indie friendly Sense of Wonder Night. You can read more about it here.

Lets look at some gameplay footage.

Pretty sweet looking ‘eh. :)

The Ludum Dare connection? For those of you that missed it, back in 2006 we had the very awesome theme Swarms. And back then, Lex produced this really great entry named Swarm Racer.



Since then he’s made it far more awesome.



And today, the all new Swarm Racer 3000 is looking pretty freaking great.

So a great big congratulations to Lex, from all of us at Ludum Dare!

– Mike Kasprzak (aka: PoV)


11 Responses to “Swarm Racer 3000 at Tokyo Game Show”

  1. HybridMind says:

    Awesome, this looks like a really fun game… I wanna play!

  2. Kimau says:

    Saw this on Gamasutra. AWESOME news.
    That Swarm LD was the first LD I took part in. It was an awesome theme, and from it came one of my favourite entries.

    Swarm Racer & Sky Full of Stars.
    Both brilliant

  3. Codexus says:

    Congrats, Lexaloffle! That’s really awesome!

  4. Edge says:

    That looks really sweet. I mean gameplay-wise and the stylized graphics / audio. Watching the video makes me wanna play it.

    Congrats Lexaloffle.

  5. Ariel Yust says:

    Trully I think it looks great good job =] comeon let the 15LD start allready =D

  6. Arowx says:

    Cool looks great, is that a 3d engine in 2d or just good use of parrallax scrolling?

  7. HybridMind says:

    @Arowx: I was wondering the same thing. I love the style of the (3d?) dotted backgrounds. Its almost fish-eye lens in the depth of field behind the play space. Really unique looking.

  8. lexaloffle says:

    Aw, shucks. Thanks everyone.

    The 3d dotted background are just regular projected dots with a 90 degree fov. I tried all kinds of things for the background, but went back to exactly the same code I used in the LD version. LD-power. Algorithm: set dots to z = z_max, clamp wall-adjacent dots to 0 and then blur/smooth the z values.

    The foreground blocks are 3d, rendered in a 2 channel colour space (intensity and hue) and converted to rgb each frame. So it’s possible to alter just the hue channel for a cellophane-like effect, or just the intensity channel for things like bloom, sparkles and lighting.

  9. Will says:

    I am currently studying abroad this semester in Japan and I was able to be a volunteer during business day. (I was the guy with the ponytail and beard serving drinks.)
    I was fortunate enough to have some free time and was able to watch your presentation. I thought the gameplay was really creative! I’m an aspiring game programmer, and I feel I gained a lot from watching the presentations, especially yours.
    I can’t wait to play Swarm Racer 3000 someday!

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