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August 26th, 2009 2:01 am

I’m currently on the 4-hour Everyman sleep schedule, so I might as well. If I wasn’t then I wouldn’t compete as school starts next week, but this will be a great primer. This will be my fourth or so?

I might try and crash-course-learn Panda3D during the 48 hours to make a 3D game for once, but if that fails then I’ll just revert back to PyGame. (I am tempted to try making a game in Scheme though…)

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  1. Jonny D says:

    R6RS looks like some great additions, but I hate parentheses 😛

  2. jovoc says:

    If you’re serious about trying Scheme, read this first
    Personally, I think Scheme would be a terrible language for games, even though functional languages are getting increasing popular (or at least talked about) because they are a much better fit for multi-processor stuff. Although if you do try a scheme game, I’d love to see it, make sure you incl the source.

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