The Wanderer

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July 26th, 2009 5:46 pm

Well, it’s not finished but it’s close enough to be interesting. We’ve got dinner plans so I’m out of time for this weekend.

It’s kind of a freeform fantasy RPG, inspired by  MrPiglet’s fauna entry with random critters, i used PixelRobots to generate random creatures and NPCs. You wander the land, adding to the landscape as you explore it. But right now NPC’s can’t do more than just join your party, and critters just get in your way.

Update: A release build is now available:

The Wanderer (700kb)

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5 Responses to “The Wanderer”

  1. Gilvado says:

    Awesome. You’ve totally got to finish this up — at least just basic mechanics. It’s just a really awesome idea.

  2. pkubit says:

    Once things get complicated, it’s easy to lose your character in the sea of critters and followers (as you alluded to in your comment. Nevertheless, it kept my attention for quite a while. Good stuff!

  3. increpare says:


    fantastic fantastic fantastic.

    one small issue i had is that the ‘hitboxes’ for the globes are a bit small.

    (also the clutter later on can make it hard to make stuff out &c.)

  4. ExciteMike says:

    The randomly generated things are a neat idea, but it looks like they came out too tiny and don’t look enough like people or animals, to be interesting.

    But I really really like the build-the-world thing going on here. I’m envisioning a version of this with like a doubled tile size, and randomly generated monsters that you have to run from while trying to create the world until you find all the secret artifacts or something.

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