The Half Way Mark…

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July 26th, 2009 6:33 am

As I’m going by 48 hours since I started, I have about 20 hours left.

I have hit a problem in that the Quirks’ state machine is rather unwieldy and complex… a better solution would have been doing pixel detection, but my engine doesn’t currently support that ( something I’ve noted down to fix later ) as such, it does a variety of tile checks depending on the Quirk’s orientation and direction.
This is unbelievably nasty… and it’s forced me to go back a bit and redesign it all on paper first so I can see all the combinations I can get. It’s still going to end up a massive mess, but I can atleast tackle each segment at a time and make it a bit more bearable to code!

I’ve also realised that I’ve spent most of my time wrestling with the code and doing some ( basic ) graphics.. there’s no sound effects of any sort, and I’m thinking I’m going to have to squeeze them in in the last two or three hours before packaging it up.

On the plus side, there’s now interaction! There’s now randomly coloured Quirks! And the engine can sustain about 256 Quirks ( nice retro number to coincide with the graphics! ) before slowing down! I did have it throwing about 900 on the screen, but it slows a fair bit, as each Quirk gets it’s own monolithic 500 line state machine 😉 ( and that state machine isn’t even finished yet! )

Many Coloured Quirks

Here’s a hundred Quirks, with an updated Graphics set, and the red box o’doom cursor 😉

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  1. Igorness says:

    I’ve seen the ‘demo’ in your earlier post and I think this might actually become something really nice! =D

    Thumbs up! ^^

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