Beebo Stomps Your Cake

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July 26th, 2009 10:47 pm

Hi everyone!  This is my first entry ever for an LD contest… glad to be here.

The game is about a little dude named Beebo, who loves to stomp on cakes.  Your job is to set up a tableau of pastries upon which he can wreak his havoc, and then point, aim, and fire him.  There isn’t a win condition, but there are plenty of interesting ways to get points, or set up interesting chain reactions.  I did all the scripting with GameMaker, and image modding in either Photoshop Elements or mspaint.

Cakes gon\' get stomped

As I imagine is usually the case with most people’s first ever 48-hour design sumbission… I’m not 100% happy with it.  I spent too long putting in content and not long enough designing the actual gameplay.  What gameplay is there can be entertaining, but there are probably many more interesting ways I could have implemented the cakes to cause cool explosion chains.  I make no apologies for the art either.

I am happy with the number of achievements I was able to squeeze in last-minute, and the overall number of different play styles that the game supports.  Hopefully each of you will find something new to do with it.

The final version of the game can be found on the GameMaker site, here:

Playable with Instant Play on the site (requires plugin), or downloadable, and manageable enough at only 2.7MB.  Let me know what you think!


Edit: I accidentally uploaded the source instead of the exe.  The standalone should be up now.

Edit2: Instant play working now.


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  1. increpare says:


    yeah, okay; it works well. the interface for placing cakes/&c. i didn’t find too fun; if there had been some preset things I might have toyed about/explored with it a little more.

    but yeah; :)

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