End of First Day

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July 25th, 2009 3:41 pm

That’s the end of the first day and I’ve got quite a bit done.. most of the state machine for the Quirks is complete so they act… Quirky? 😉

Anyway, for a windows binary to see how it’s progressed click here.

Screenshot 2

I also managed to do authentic Spectrum style attribute clash by accident!
I’ve left this in for retro goodness, hehe.. I know what I did wrong too ( my pixel replacement routine goes over the entire screen buffer, rather than the individual animation frame buffer ) so it’s all good.

Basically there’ll be two modes.. puzzle and sandbox.
Puzzle is basically a Lemmings clone, get them from A->B without killing them ( falling from a great distance will kill them! )

Sandbox is a bit more interesting… taking on GEvOlve’s territory again, they breed.. and this is where the colours come into play. Each offspring is a combination of the parent’s colour :) should be good for a random screensaver like thing! Basically, just keep them happy by building them things to clamber over and have them breed. As the puzzle part relies on everything in this mode, this is being done first ( and it matches the rules anyway 😉 )

Hopefully I can get this done for tomorrow night, so till then, enjoy the little quirks running around 😉


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  1. increpare says:

    they move pretty nicely :)

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