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June 30th, 2009 3:24 am

Better late than never! Took me a little under 72-hours, but finally managed to finish this to a point where I’m happy to release it. It’s a flash game, so you can play it here:


Thoughts before I crash:

  • Flixel is awesome.
  • Not having a level editor to use with Flixel is not so awesome. I am now very competent at adding and subtracting multiples of 32 for manually typing in levels. -cry-
  • Pixen… ah, pixen. Also not so awesome. Only good pixel editor I could find on Mac (I normally dev on my Windows box), and it had a ton of issues. Wouldn’t export sprite sheets correctly, kept crashing. I ended up having to patch the src for it multiple times over the weekend.
  • Someday I will learn to finish gameplay before art.



4 Responses to “Queens”

  1. Terry says:

    Heh, this is excellent. Had a lot of fun working it out before I finished it. Absolutely love what you did with the theme :)

  2. dertom says:

    I just can agree….that one is realllly goood! Good work…Keep on rocking! 😀

  3. jazmeister says:

    A++++++. Would play again.

  4. tmp134 says:

    I particularly liked the icing on the cake – frills like randomly placed skulls as bushes. The game looks very polished and complete.
    The gameplay however leaves something to be desired. As you said, you should have finished the gameplay before the art. This is most evident in the fourth screen, which is ruined by faulty game behavior- walking into a motionless stone pillar kills the character. This is something that should have been worked out before publishing, unfortunately.
    Congratulations on your LD entry.

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