After School

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June 30th, 2009 1:41 pm

So, uh… I just finished my game. I made it with Game Maker 7, and it took aaaaaaages because I was essentially learning how to make games. At this rate, I’m glad I made it, even if it did take me a little under five days to make (eek!).

I’m really happy with it. It’s a game where you pick dialogue options. Try not to give Ted’s Mom a reason to hit him.



Any tips or criticisms are warmly welcome.

Yoyogames play/DL page
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  1. Terry says:

    Just tried it there; I like the concept a lot, but I couldn’t seem to select anything in the first menu (clicking didn’t do anything), so I couldn’t play it…

  2. jazmeister says:

    Ruh roh! You mean that first set of dialogue choices, like in the screenshot? I can’t seem to make that happen on mine. I’ll try getting some friends to test it. Anyone else having that problem?

  3. Terry says:

    Yep, exactly like that! I wasn’t able to highlight it red – all three options were in white.

  4. ExciteMike says:

    Holy cow! This game most definitely does the theme justice!

    Waitasecond, this is your first game EVER!? I hope you make many many more!

  5. Terry says:

    Excellent work! I left a comment on twitter :)

    As for how I got it working: haven’t a clue what the problem was, so I tried decompiling it. For whatever reason, running it in a window seemed to fix it before I’d even had a look at the scripts.

  6. jazmeister says:

    I’m probably gonna upload the source somewhere, then. I can’t replicate that problem at /all/. The highlighting and click detection are triggered by watching mouse_y, so maybe that’s it. Hmm. Do I sound like a programmer yet? I’m using Vista… maybe I’ll hack together a keyboard number-selection thing.

    As for your responses to the game itself – holy crap! I’m flattered that you guys like it so much. I’ll certainly devote the odd evening to development now that I’ve got a taste for it 😀

  7. dessgeega says:

    jaz, drop me a line when you upload the source. i’ll look it over.

    (i got the same problem.)

  8. jazmeister says:

    I sent you an email, dess, and I can confirm that it seems to have this problem on XP and not on Vista, and that XP people can /sometimes/ play it by *shudder* installing the yoyo games plug-in and playing it in the browser. Eek!

  9. eoferr says:

    I enjoyed this. I think that the only problem it has is the length/ability not to fast forward through conversations. I understand that this adds to the mounting sense of frustration and desperation, but I think that if you wanted it to be an effective anti-DV ad that would reach more people (as the ending seemed to indicate), it needs to be standard ad-length (or be more varied).

  10. jazmeister says:

    Oh, you can press space to skip text. I was thinking of shortening the in game “days” and making them a little less independant (even though this conversation in real life really /is/ like talking to a primitive NPC) so she’ll, like, remember if you said something nice yesterday or whatever.

    Thanks for the comments :)

  11. eoferr says:

    Ah space bar. How silly of me. I think that renders most of what I said invalid.

  12. jazmeister says:

    Not at all, I didn’t mention it anywhere. I should have really let any key do it. NO WAIT NOT LETTING ANYONE SKIP IS A GREAT IDEA HOLD ON ITS PART OF MY VISION

  13. increpare says:

    hmm; getting problems with mouse selection; it doesn’t seem to work (Except when my cursor is in the top-left-hand quadrant of my second screen, and then clicking doesn’t work). I have a feeling that a windowed mode might fix this. ah well :/

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