Bullet Time

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May 26th, 2009 9:21 pm

Just finished my posthumous MiniLD entry! Next time I’ll try to make my mind up about entering a lot sooner, heh.

Bullet Time Final

You can play it here! The goal is to survive as long as possible.


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  1. Draknek says:

    This is ridiculously addictive, and I don’t normally even like shoot ’em up games.

  2. Maxim says:

    Congratz on finishing it! =D

  3. increpare says:

    have you fixed the ‘top right-hand corner’ bug?

  4. increpare says:

    oh, you did.

    also, i really like it :)

  5. DrPetter says:

    Very nice. For some reason I love the way enemies shatter when you hit them. I wish the thing was running at 60 fps though, would really help in a super-twitchy game like this. I’m still fighting for the 30 second mark.

  6. muku says:

    It’s great, and because of its shortness it has that addictive “just one more try” quality, much like Self Destruct. I also think that the limited Flash framerate is hurting this game a little, but it’s still very playable.

    I mostly couldn’t get much above 20 seconds, but in an incredibly lucky run I managed to get to 37.90 seconds!

  7. Terry says:

    Yeah, I really wish I could have gotten this to run at 60 fps, but in my experience browsers really don’t seem to be able to handle it :( I read somewhere that firefox caps the actual framerate of flash apps to keep CPU usage under control; even if you get 60fps on your own machine there’s a good chance other people won’t.

    Anyway, I had enough trouble getting this to run smoothly at 30fps :) There are over 100 particles on screen most of the time.

  8. DrPetter says:

    Terry: I got Chup running at 60 fps on most machines and browsers I’ve tried. Seems the latest couple of flash players are greatly improved over old ones in that respect. Having said that though, it also measures actual framerate (using a simple timer that triggers every second and counts number of frames drawn up to that point) and drops into frameskip mode if it’s too low. On my Eee the game only gets about 20 fps, but it’s still playable.
    Are you using vector graphics (or bitmapData.draw), or are you copyPixels:ing into a screen bitmap? 100 small images shouldn’t be a problem at all if you’re just copying pixel data without transformations. I saw a demo somewhere that did like 2000 64×64 pixel sprites at 60 fps.

  9. Terry says:

    Ah, interesting! I didn’t know you could handle your update code that way in flash, I thought it had to be through an enterframe event!

    I dunno where the bottleneck is, but on my machine I get lots of slowdown when I try to run this at 60 fps :( Though my machine isn’t great.

  10. DrPetter says:

    Yeah, I still do it through enterframe, but basically when it detects a too-slow actual framerate it’ll increment a frameskip variable and reduce the stage framerate. Each time the enterframe event triggers, it’ll step through [frameskip] number of logic steps and then render one frame.

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