Here’s what a not-quite-final version of my entry looks like.  The game is fully playable and probably won’t change a whole lot now in the 8 hours or so that are left.

YHtSEbTIMT screem

You can try it here.

I also figured that a hey let’s playtest each other’s games mailing list would probably be cool to have?  link.

6 Responses to “You Have to Save Everyone but There Isn’t Much Time!”

  1. Terry says:

    It doesn’t seem to be loading for me 😮 Are you using a progress event in the preloader, by any chance?

  2. ExciteMike says:

    Yes. Shoot, now I’m getting it too. I will try and fix that. Thanks!

  3. Terry says:

    I’ve had that problem before too :/ You can just use the usual enterframe event to fix it though, and use something like this to get your percentage loaded:

    var p:Number = this.loaderInfo.bytesLoaded / this.loaderInfo.bytesTotal;

  4. Terry says:

    er, not that you asked, sorry :/ I just remember that particular flash bug driving me crazy when I encountered it…

  5. ExciteMike says:

    I think it’s fixed. There seemed to be some issue with my FTP program, making the file bigger every time I reuploaded.

  6. increpare says:

    beautiful game beautiful beautiful beautiful!

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