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May 23rd, 2009 9:56 am

FIXED PACKAGE DOWNLOAD (see Update 5) – 10MB – final


Plot: Try to beat the best speed category (#1)

How: Strafe jumping (a.k.a. bunny jumping, etc.). Run like hell and time your jumps.

Controls: A, S, D, W, Space (Press Escape to exit, Alt+Enter to switch between fullscreen and windowed)

Post a screenshot with your score if you win!

It’s actually more fun to play it than what it seems from these lame screenshots.

WARNING: Don’t play more than 10 minutes straight or it will mess up your brain.



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  1. nitram_cero says:

    It’s a game where you must reach the maximum velocity possible exploiting the rounding up errors in decimal numbers, and perfect jump timing to avoid friction (just like quake3’s strafe jumping).

    I don’t think I’ll make it but I’ll try 😀

    Doing it from scratch using SFML for audio/image loading and OpenGL for visuals.

    Update 5:

    I just repacked the game because Microsoft’s CRT fagness.

    Update 4 (prefinal – in case I internet dies on me or something):

    I think it’s sometwhat fun to play. Hope you like it.

    What the hell, let’s make it the final release… My eyes hurt, so I better go eat something.

    Update 3:

    I feel weird.

    Update 2:

    This is getting more in shape, the gameplay is “run as fast as you can but don’t go off-road”. It has a local highscore. The physics are quite done.

    It just needs more psychodelia and I’ll finish it.

    Update 1:

    Got something buggy working. You can move and jump freely. Still trying to think a good gameplay for this.

    The idea is that with the increasing speed, increasingly fast beats start to play, and you change from categories (soundfiles) and it starts being more and more psychodelic.

    I didn’t spend more than 4-5 hours today, so don’t expect much.

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