Shal we extend voting?

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May 2nd, 2009 2:01 am

We seem to have some interest in extending the vote for another week.

Post “Yes” or “No” in the comments, with any thoughts you may have.

Also, a large graphic to get your attention.

– Mike Kasprzak (PoV)

19 Responses to “Shal we extend voting?”

  1. jsb says:


    I think it might help some of the less-rated games to catch up.

  2. Jazmeister says:


    Voting is good practice for multiple choice questions.

  3. pansapiens says:

    I didn’t have an entry this time round, so I can’t vote. But if I could, I would be saying:


    Even in previous compos where there were less entries, I’ve felt like I needed more time to vote (but then I usually try to give *every* game a red hot go … there is no way I’d stick to that policy if I were voting this time).

  4. HybridMind says:


    There are a ton of great games in here that I would love a chance to play and review still and I am still catching up just trying to review and play the games of those who have played and reviewed mine still.

  5. Radix says:


    Just as a matter or principle. I’m all for tweaking the voting period, but why not leave it until next time? I’ve never liked it when the structure of an event changes while it’s running. It sucks when you log onto a site one morning expecting to see some results to find that the judges are still screwing around.

    And I don’t think it’s going to make much difference. Votes slowed to a relative trickle after the first couple of days and another week won’t make much difference.
    (Actually there’d probably be a bit of a spike on Monday morning. A spike of shame.)

  6. mrfun says:


    I think we need to get it over with and move on to the next LD-mini or comp, and make everybody crunch from here until it’s over!

  7. Arowx says:

    Well I’m in cruch voting time now, but I would just like to get all my voting done today or tomorrow, but I think my vote will be …

    Yes – my game needs more ratings ;o)!

    B4n Back to playing games! ;o)

  8. fidaner says:

    So far, 77% of games received 11 to 20 votes whereas 13% got more and 10% got less votes. Also, most of this 77% belongs to 11-15 interval.

    Here is the distribution of 123 games into #vote intervals:

    We could give some time for games voted 5-15 times:


  9. hamburger says:

    Yes, please!

    Personally, I can attest that I’ll be able to review quite a bit more games in the next week, because I’ve been out of town for the past week and was incredibly busy the week before that.

  10. georgek says:

    Yes for an extra week — wasn’t there twice as many games this time as usual?

  11. Jonny D says:


    This is finals month at many universities, so progress in everything else goes slowly.

    Also, I like the large graphic, especially the border.

  12. greencow says:

    Hmm, lots of yesses, I’ll just throw out a NO for balance, but adding another week for voting wouldn’t be so bad.

    It seems like a major problem with low-vote-getting games is their lack of availability of a functional windows executable. People who are very skilled in python could help us all out by testing out these less-rated games that I just cannot seem to get running despite much python installing, or helping these people get py2exe going, or maybe we need a ‘how to install python’ guide, because apparently just installing python and pygame is not enough.

  13. Entar says:

    It doesn’t make much difference to my own personal voting, since I’m just about done already.

  14. jovoc says:

    Yes. I could use some more time.

  15. Strong says:

    yes, though my game really doesn’t need anything

  16. agj says:

    I won’t vote, but I’d do my best to put some votes into the least voted games if the deadline was extended. I can attest to what greencow said, though: Some games I just couldn’t play because of the lack of Windows executables, or some other similar issues.

  17. PsySal says:

    I’m impatient for the compo to end, so I’d like to vote no, but I think I would vote yes because, well, there really were a lobsterload of entries this go round.

    Oh Ludum Dare,
    Gave me quite the scare,
    When I had a look
    At the games on there!

    So many were good
    Much better than mine
    A sleepless day-and-a-half–
    Did I waste my time?

    The voting proceeded
    At breakneck pace
    Three minutes per game
    No time to waste.

    Where’s my life gone
    Now that the compo is done
    Another whole week
    Till we find out who’s won!

  18. sf17k says:


    As much as I want to see the results already, I feel like I should vote more than I have been able to so far.

  19. ido says:



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