Keeping up

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April 26th, 2009 12:41 pm

Also joining the “give at least as many votes as you get” crowd.

Additionally, I generated a randomized list of the entries to play and rate for unbiased selection :)


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  1. mjau says:

    The list is already randomized in a different order for everyone =)

  2. jsb says:

    Ah, didn’t know that. I thought it was ordered by submission time or so.

  3. 5parrowhawk says:

    Have been a “sleeping member” of the crowd since day one :)

    May I also suggest that members of the crowd consider following an additional rule?

    “Prioritize evaluating those games which have less than 10 votes.” (Or less than 20, if everyone has more than 10.)

    I’ve been there, and believe me it’s depressing. (thanks to those who voted on my game, I now have more than 10) You might also let a hidden gem slip by if you end up not evaluating it – I’ve found some really good games that are apparently still undervoted (10 or 11 votes only, or less!).

    Theoretically random selection should even things out, but somehow the vote counts aren’t exactly even. Not criticizing those people with lots of votes, just wondering how we can even things out a bit.

  4. mjau says:

    General compo feedback and suggestions for how things can be made better in the future can be posted here:

    Please do =)

  5. 5parrowhawk says:

    I think someone already posted a similar suggestion there, actually. If I recall correctly, I seconded that suggestion =)

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