Density Issues

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April 23rd, 2009 10:55 pm

This update addresses places some limits on density and unit counts, to address problems with the density getting out of hand in longer games. Two of the levels in the campaign have also been altered- one to make it more varied and reduce travel times, and another to keep the difficulty level more consistent.

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Update: Newer Build

6 Responses to “Density Issues”

  1. int10h says:

    I really enjoy your game – did feel it would be better if the whole thing was sped up though. Perhaps it’s just flash on linux that’s slow?

  2. Sparky says:

    This does run very slowly. Part of this is Flash, and part of this is rushed coding on my part. I’ve put a bit of work into optimizing it, but it is still rather sluggish. It is probably not the fault of your computer at all.

  3. qubodup says:

    The host is down and Density is probably my favorite flash game so far, would you please be so kind to re-upload it? You could use newgrounds in the worst case. :)

  4. qubodup says:

    great to be able to play :)

    bug: if one red is left and it decides to split into two, you will win when it splits
    improvement: the start menu hints are to hard to read and the colors seem to not match. (follower and egg colors are wrong)

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