Schlepping a canoe across the Andes…

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April 21st, 2009 1:30 am

Or, to put it more succintly, port. For the questionable joy of those of you wishing to combine your passion for dropshadows, love of BSD, and desire to vote on LD entries: you need wait no longer! I have assembled an OS X port of Put the Ball in the Bucket. Proof:

A confession: I don’t really use the ‘unlikely purple nebulae’ background; I just turned it on for Zomg Running On A Mac appeal. This is exactly identical to the contest windows version, so feel free to use it for judging.

Of course, if you prefer your operating system to hail from Washington State or Finland, rather than California, you can still get the Windows or Linux (i.e. python+pygame sources) versions.


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  1. Cosine says:

    Restarting shouldn’t remove the pieces, and the physics shouldn’t be in effect (affect?) until you start. Other than that, nice looking.

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