Post version update.

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April 21st, 2009 6:16 am

I made some small post version fixes, namely correct viewing angles when entering/exiting portals.

And now portals no longer have a push effect, so velocity out is the same as transfered in.

Being post fixes this version cant be judged on, due to the fixes effecting gameplay slightly.

You can grab it here:


4 Responses to “Post version update.”

  1. finefin says:

    I totally fail at the “Jump!” level! any suggestions on how to beat this?

  2. X-0ut says:

    Yeah its pretty simple, its just a matter of doing it fast enough.
    Place a portal on the floor of a column in front of you, and the second portal on another column floor. jump into the closest and the player will start bobing up and down between them. Simply turn, aim, fire to move to the next column alterning portal each time.

  3. bloodyCT says:

    I cannot play this game…
    When I open both normal mode and fullscreen mode,
    both of them are shut down automatically.
    I think my computer has some problem… Can you help me?
    Thank you.

  4. X-0ut says:

    bloodyCT: are you trying the updated version that runs without shader support?

    If so, please look in the log file and paste the last 2 lines or so.

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