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April 20th, 2009 11:51 am

I want to tell you a story, a story about something I hate.

“But why,” you ask, “would we want to hear your story?”

I’ll tell you why: do you know what I hate? I hate free hosting services. And so, instead of my daily dose of self-flagellation I decided to download all of the windows-playable LD 14 games, many of which were hosted on places like 2share, rapidshare, getdropbox, etc. This was painful.

But, like any other zealot who has recently undergone such a rugged purificaiton, I have Good News! Instead of jumping through these hoops yourself, you can instead download this:

Torrent of Windows Binaries!

There. Now I’ve taken away your excuse; you have to vote! And, once you’ve voted, please (please!) take the time to seed this for a week or so. I’m only one man, and, more importantly, I’m only one man with a single DSL connection.

*note: Where possible I’ve included whatever each participant marked as “download for windows” or similar. If a downloadable Java or Flash version was provided, I included that instead of the online version. Where no windows binary was available, I included the source code if it was in a language that (might) run on Windows (i.e. python+pygame, Löve, etc.).

**note: Missing from this torrent are: secret_knitter (broken download link), winferno (broken download link), increpare (OS X only), GBGames (Linux only), and eugman (*nix only). Please remember to look these games up and find a way to play them!

***note: URLs for Flash games hosted online but not linked for download are listed in the file “Links to Online Games.html”.

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16 Responses to “Torrent! (for Windows)”

  1. ondrew says:

    You, Doches, are a true hero. I salute you.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. crux says:

    Awesome! I assume I was too late with my windows version to make the cut & I imagine I’m not the only one… will you be updating this by any chance? :)

  3. Doches says:

    Crux: Alas! I did include your pygame sources, though. I wasn’t planning on updating it, though I may if no one does a more complete binary torrent in a week or so. This one is a little premature; people haven’t had time to finish ports and what-have-you.

    I just really wanted to get started on the voting, and figured other people might want to as well.

  4. 0rel says:

    thanks for packing all up!, will make it much easier to test play all entries.
    maybe i was too late with the entry, but my thingy seems to be missing,
    just in case you would update it…

  5. Doches says:

    0rel: I didn’t include you because you had a playable Flash version online, but not in downloadable form. I did include a link to that version, in the file “Links to Online Games.html” — which I should probable make a note of.

  6. crux says:

    No worries, Doches =) Thanks for putting this together!

    I wonder how many of these will run under wine….

  7. 0rel says:

    ah okay, that’s fine… just didn’t see it. – currently testing some of the entries, it’s great to have them all together… such amazing load of content, created in just 2 days…. total crazyness =)

  8. 0rel says:

    maybe i’m wrong again, but agj’s ‘Heart’ seems to be missing.
    he made two entries… that’s probably whay.
    only ‘Hope’ is there.

  9. athanazio says:

    me /salute Doches
    me /bow Doches

  10. mrfun says:

    Downloading now, thank ye sir!

  11. 5parrowhawk says:

    Thanks, Doches! This is awfully convenient.

    Only one thing: some people’s stuff (I think athanazio’s and mine at least) need redistributables – were those included?

  12. Radix says:

    I’m behind the Great Firewall and can’t get to most free filehosts at all, so this is great. It’s just too bad I have to wait for the whole archive to finish.

  13. Doches says:

    0rel: Crap!

    Two entries? Two Entries?! TWO?!

    agj, I’m terribly sorry. I included Hope, but not Heart — but on the upside, Heart is playable online:

  14. secret_knitter says:

    Secret_knitter apologizes for posting a bad link.

    Not that it’s worth the download to play, but for completeness’ sake (also if someone wants to award me a trophy for the most minimalistic graphics — I think I could accept that in good conscience).

    I was rushed and didn’t read the Dropbox docs.

    Sorry about that. The actual download link is

  15. agj says:

    Doches, no worries on my side! Though Hope is not really an entry, since I posted it after the deadline here. I’ll make it more clear in my post, so no one else makes the mistake.

  16. shawn says:

    the link for the torrent is broken

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