“You First” Final Entry!

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April 19th, 2009 6:55 pm

Update (4/22/09): I was having trouble hosting my game on my home server, I had to move it to my domain host’s server here: http://windsorschmidt.com/dl/winferno_LD14_youfirst.tar.gz Thanks!

It’s ‘done’ !! Tested on Linux only. Binary and source included. OpenGL, OpenAL, libvorbis.


Intro and Instructions (that I forgot to include in the archive):

You are an islander, and must appease the nature gods (a huge tsunami and a volcano). Punch the shaking huts to release virgin sacrifices, touch them (er, move to their location) to pick them up, and hurl them in to either advancing wall of doom to stave off imminent (and I mean imminent) death.

Controls: z and x keys (jump and throw/punch), plus the left and right arrow keys (run left/right).

Annoying bug: you must be moving left or right in order for you to successfully throw a virgin.

Thanks for a fun compo!


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