superflat’s Balls Of Legend [Mac / PC] FIXED!

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April 19th, 2009 2:05 pm



Balls Of Legend [Mac / PC Download]


Edit: Fixed a .zip error which stopped it from loading on PC.

Well here it is!  A game of balance.  Not much to say except get to the end if you can… Use the arrow keys to control the glass ball.  Post your orb scores in the comments if you like.  Think this might translate over to iPhone quite nicely.  There’s only one long level at the moment.  I’ll definitely add more after the compo.


Bed time, was great fun.  See you next time!


14 Responses to “superflat’s Balls Of Legend [Mac / PC] FIXED!”

  1. agj says:

    I’m sorry. The Windows build doesn’t work for me. :( After I press space to start, the screen flashes a few times and then it quits.

  2. Superflat says:

    Hey agj I think it’s fixed now if you wanna give it another try…!

  3. dock says:

    Wow man, this is great. Very polished! I love the soundtrack!!

  4. Superflat says:

    Ah nice one, Hayden! Did you get to the end?

  5. lokijki says:

    Ack, the zip won’t extract. It says there are already files with the same names no matter where I put it and then breaks.

  6. Superflat says:

    Hmm I had all kinds of worries with the packaging… But I’m at work now and successfully downloaded on PC and played… Maybe you could try downloading again?

  7. fullspectrum says:

    Loved it , made it to the end!

  8. ortoslon says:

    I love the graphics and sound effects, but I don’t like the perspective, because often I can’t see the ball behind a wall. You should change it from diagonal to nearly top-down.
    Also, generating levels procedurally would be cool.

  9. superflat says:

    It’s an interesting point and I did consider it… I quite enjoy the fact that certain passages are hidden though, I think that’s part of the challenge, just dealing with the orthogonal prespective. Also from a higher p.o.v. you’d see much less ball bounce, which might be a different type of problem.

    Will think about it, as I definitely wanna do more to this.

  10. increpare says:

    okay, i played it too the end. i don’t know if i liked the bouncing sound too much. very nicely polished for an impromptu weekend game.

  11. superflat says:

    Oh if only you could see the source, it would burn your retinas… Agree about the bouncing sound, it bugs me too!

  12. lokijki says:

    Downloaded it again, still won’t work.

  13. agj says:


  14. superflat says:

    I’m really pleased to hear that, agj. Must play your game now…

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