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April 19th, 2009 1:29 pm

Right, so I decided to post this as a non-entry. Reasons include laziness and stuff. Here’s my last progress shot re-used as the ‘final’ shot.

While ‘playing’, press keys 1-3 to build stuff:

  1. is a tree zapper, it gets you power for nearby trees. It costs 15 power.
  2. is a mini tower of darkness, it creates darkness nearby. It costs 30 power.
  3. is an attack tower, it shoots blobs of darkness at the poor butterflies. It costs 50 power.

To goal was supposed to be getting everything dark, sort of. There’s not actually any winning condition, but there’s not much other things either, so that’s all right then.

Don’t resize the window (don’t tell me I didn’t warn you).

Download Something of Doom Something Something (Windows binary, uses OpenGL, should work in wine).

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2 Responses to “Something of Doom Something Something Non-entry”

  1. muku says:

    Shame you couldn’t finish it, this feels very compelling. Technically very nice, too; how did you implement the darkness/light thing?

    Good to see a fellow D’er, as well.

  2. jolle says:

    Ok, I see I’m late with this response, but here goes:

    Thanks. It just has an array with light values that are used as an alpha when rendering, overlaying another background texture. Trees etc read brightness from it too.

    The towers/butterflies simply add/subtract from this every update (with a max/min).

    At least that’s how I remember it. There’s always the source if you want details.

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