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April 19th, 2009 6:38 am


Sadly there was a tiny bug in the final version of my game – the line “state = STATE_LEVEL;” was missing, so no pause screen would be shown between levels (although the code for layout and mechanics of that screen was already in there, as can be seen in the source).

I have fixed this and uploaded a new version to my site as both zip and webstart. I realize that this may not be taken into consideration when judging the entry, but I thought I should at least upload the entry as it was meant to be (and as I was certain it was!)

Sorry about that!


Okay, here’s the final version of “Sky Upon Us!”, my entry for LD14.

I tried to upload the zip file containing launch files for Windows, Linux and OSX to the blog. Sadly, WordPress wouldn’t accept it even if I changed the file extention. Meanwhile, the game can be downloaded or started from all the following links:

While the game didn’t quite turn out the way I hoped, I’m still happy with most of it. However, the gameplay does get a bit repetetive; excuse!

As always, any comments are warmly appreciated!

A screenshot from the game:

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3 Responses to “Sky Upon Us”

  1. Super-Dot says:

    Your sprites are delicious! I made it to the almost end of level 5–the wall on the bottom of your screenshot is what got me.

    The core mechanic, if a little repetitive, is fun!

  2. telaviv says:

    I’m having a bit of an issue on linux. I know you included the openAL library, but where should put what file to make this work?

  3. Morre says:

    You shouldn’t have to move files around. Did you try both the webstart and downloadable version?

    To run a webstart (.jnlp) file, just put it through the javaws binary in the java/bin folder.

    For the downloadable version, running the .sh file included in the zip should set the library directory to libs/ and find the native files there.

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