Save the Sheep online version

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April 19th, 2009 7:56 pm

My game can now be played online here:

I’ll probably also add a post-compo version with Mochi highscores.

This is how the game works: you are the yellow circle and you must save the sheep from getting caught by the lava. You can move around with the arrow keys (or wasd) and push blocks and kick sheep. The sheep need to go to the dark green zone all the way at the right. You’ll need to divert the lava to have enough time to get the sheep in safety. To do that, make walls to hold the lava for a while. The darker blocks will decay first, so you know where the lava will be coming out next. Be sure to use at least one of those. If you don’t, all blocks will break simultanously and you won’t have a chance!

All sounds and music were recorded during the competition. The background music is from an orchestra rehearsal yesterday (I’m not completely sure if that’s allowed).

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  1. telaviv says:

    Music was good. I didn’t really get a feeling of doom though. I was hoping the lava would advance. Instead the game just abruptly ended

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