Mind Wall – Final! (Win/OS X/iPhone)

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April 19th, 2009 6:56 pm

Twist your brain into unlikely shapes as you dare to engage the Mind Wall in battle.  Will you be the first to work your way through its labyrinth of pain, and at what price, your SANITY?!

** HINTS **

No matter how impossible a level looks, I guarantee you there is ALWAYS a solution.

You can use Alt-Enter to toggle windowed/fullscreen mode.

Edit the command_line.txt file to change the screen resolution if you want.  (1920 by 1200 is niiice)

Check the readme.txt for more info, and the /source dir for sources.

For music I used Sonar with the “Dimension” soft synth, using an Evolution MK-461C for control.

For sfx, I used sfxr, of course.


Update April 20th: If you are not an LD judge, you should download these slightly improved versions instead

Update June 27th: Get Mind Wall for iPhone!

Original Compo versions:


OS X (universal binaries)

NOTE:  Meh, there is a minor cosmetic bug that makes the “congrats, you won” text hard to read… there is a work around though, after you’ve unlocked the last level, quit and restart, your progress will be saved and when (or should I say, IF?!!)  you win the text will look right.    (Thanks to 5arrowhawk)


12 Responses to “Mind Wall – Final! (Win/OS X/iPhone)”

  1. minasss says:

    ops I don’t have pbuffers extension in my office (crap) computer

    I will try the osx version when I’ll return to my home

  2. EraserHead says:

    I really love this game ^^

  3. str4ngel00p says:

    Brilliant. Really embodies the theme. Ominous music and the languid, wave-like motion of the advancing wall were nice bits of polish.

  4. pansapiens says:

    Wicked cool game. Very pretty. Brain Age-esque. Runs flawlessly under Wine on Ubuntu 8.10.

    I’m stuck on Snake, but I’ll come back and beat it later.

  5. Andres says:

    Finished it! Pure Awesomeness : )
    Port to Iphone, make some bucks!

  6. dragonseoman says:

    Yep – I used Novashell as the base framework for Mind Wall and also Strong AI. Both were entries for the LD 48 hour competition.

    It’s important to note that Novashell itself doesn’t have much 3D functionality. I wrote the Mind Wall object (called a “Brain” in Novashell) in C++. (It access the existing GL context and just draws whatever it wants)

    So where it gave me a real head start was by handling input, menus, audio, scripting, one button .zips for Mac and Win, and just being very familiar.

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