Manually Operated

April 19th, 2009 5:38 am

Manually Operated

I can’t get the media uploader working so I’m going to just link this for now. This is a game where you play an aspiring super-villain trying to make his big break and complete his thesis by crushing a hero in a death trap. Unfortunately, he cannot afford a very good death trap, or a lock to keep the hero from escaping. Push the wall to crush the hero before the cops take you down or rescue the hero!

Thanks to all who supported and encouraged me in the production of this game. First thing I’ve made without THE MAN telling me what to do! Woo!

Game is here

Source code is here

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4 Responses to “Manually Operated”

  1. Super-Dot says:

    Congratulations on finishing! Is it possible to win, or is it supposed do be annoyingly impossible? The policemen are surprisingly evocative.

  2. agj says:

    Agh, I fail at being a super-villain. :(

  3. Kobel says:

    It is absolutely possible to win, I just tried to make it difficult. Apparently too difficult for some!
    Here’s some hints to help you out:
    The cop helping the hero escape can safely be ignored unless they’re close to the exit
    Cops pushing back on the wall should be eliminated as quickly as possible; just one of them can really slow you down!
    Whenever you go over to get the cops off of the wall, kick the hero back into the corner to buy yourself time
    Cops on the left side can often be ignored. Only take time away from pushing the wall if you think they pose a serious threat. Your health regenerates with time, so if it’s just one guy taking potshots then you can ignore him.
    However, sometimes it only takes a moment away from the wall to slap a cop as he passes by. Take these opportunities!

    I hope these tips help :)

  4. Super-Dot says:

    I beat it on my fourth try! My first try, I didn’t realize that the door up top was a teledoor, so I didn’t take it because I figured I wouldn’t be able to find my way to the other entrance. (I might have played an earlier version where this actually was the case?)

    My second try, I ran out of health when the wall had reached the second entrance. :(

    My third try I beat it! I miscounted.

    I like how the gameplay changes as the wall gets further and further along! As more room for attacking policemen is introduced, the difficulty increases.

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