Jach’s Lava Flee

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April 19th, 2009 6:18 pm

Source: http://shared.nincheats.net/zips/Jach_LD14_LavaFlee.zip

Source with Windows Binary: http://shared.nincheats.net/zips/Jach_LD14_LavaFlee-win.zip

(Does this work on Vista? I’ve only tested it through a 64-bit XP and a 32-bit Wine on my Linux.)

Afterthoughts/replies to comments: Sound was made with sfxr (I love it so much), Gimp was used unoriginally to render the Lava, Xara and KolourPaint were used for everything else. To reiterate, it IS possible to win without losing a single life, and if I weren’t so lazy I’d make a YouTube video showing a perfect run. =P To get past the first big obstacle (the upside down U thing), see the screenshot below. It takes a little finesse for the interesting controls, but it’s more than doable.

Well, finally finished. I was really lazy this time, and probably spent more time just hanging out in the IRC room than coding. Ah well. I had fun, and as I mentioned earlier, there’s at least some good code in here that I can reuse on side projects. Anyway, yes this game is beatable with no lost lives, it’s just somewhat difficult. Would have liked to make it longer, but again, too lazy, and I want some time to contemplate another foodphoto…

It just occurred to me that I didn’t mention you need Python + PyGame (optional Pysco (which is a library to speed up my crappy code)) to run it (until I get the EXE built) in the README, or that you need to run main.py / main.exe, but since I committed revision 30 I didn’t want to mess up that cool number, so I’m telling you here.

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