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April 19th, 2009 6:52 pm

It’s actually not done, but it’s as done as it’ll get within these 48 hours. It’s mostly done, though! Enjoy.

Play (Flash)

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9 Responses to “Heart”

  1. dock says:

    Wow, I love it! :) Congratulations, this is fantastic.

  2. telaviv says:

    Very intense, very cool

  3. Noyb says:

    I like it, especially the halfway point in the rotation and how you interpret trying to go left.

  4. Jazmeister says:

    I think what you’ve done here, whatever it is, is cool.

    With respect, I’m vaguely uncomfortable with calling it a game.

  5. noonat says:

    Really, really cool. Loved the music.

  6. mirosurabu says:

    Graphics are stylish – I like that. I can see the influence from Defect and I can feel something going on there – the atmosphere is well done. Though, I am not sure I understood the underlying message.

    Also, having played it more than once I noticed that narrative/thoughts are not always the same. I thought that has something to do with trying to go back into the past, but I couldn’t see the correlation.

  7. 0rel says:

    i feel this.

    interesting use of non-interactivity.
    really well done graphics, audio and technique overall,
    especially, for the short time.
    and, the outstanding take on the theme!
    great work, agj!

    it’s a fatalistic picture you draw,
    but there is ‘Hope!’. your 2nd entry.
    …too bad it crashes here in all the time.
    an ironic non-game?! 8|

    …just keep going, please. :)

  8. Superflat says:

    I felt like my soul had been flayed, dipped in lemon juice then fed through a sausage grinder while being repeatedly punched in my still-wet skinless face.

    Well done.

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