Hey all.. I realized I had forgotten to post a lib I wanted to ask about using that is related to online high score ability in a flash game.  Would just want to know peoples thoughts about using it for this compo.. or other compos if deemed too late.

Link to mochi leaderboards api docs

Link to mochi api v3.0 (as2/as3)

Basically it’s just a 2 line call someone can drop into their flash project that enables online leaderboards via mochi.  You don’t have to use their ad network or anything but it would easily support the ability for people to see others scores in my game.

Anyway.. thoughts?  Too late for this time perhaps..? but what about future compos?  It isn’t really game code per se.. but it does give a game an advantage in that online leaderboards often lead to more competition with the score motivated players.

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  1. erik says:

    I’m not an authority on these things, but I would say you are good to use this. Game maker programs are allowed, and they often provide a lot more pre-built functionality than this.

    Plus it’s a public library. If you spent a week before the competition creating your own online high score system, and then wanted to use that, things would be different.

    Finally, LD48s are just for fun anyways. If you feel you may be crossing a line, point it out in your final entry post and your readme file, and let the judges decide.

    You might want to make sure your game is still playable offline.

  2. HybridMind says:

    @erik: I appreciate the response… I at least want to do my due diligence ahead of any compo judging cries of ‘breaking the rules!’ :) At least I can point out that I was trying to ask / do the right thing. I think you make a good point about calling it out etc.. and about game maker.

    As I was chatting with others in IRC about this.. I guess I just feel bad that I forgot to post ahead of compo start.. as I feel the lib would be totally cool to use if I had… but now I’m having guilt because I often am a stickler to rules. heh.

    I know it is all for fun anyway… and no prize.. just trying to do my part! :)

  3. HybridMind says:

    That’s funny.. I realize now I had misread the rules in the wiki! Seems what you were trying to say erik was right in that since I didn’t make this high score library I didn’t have to announce it before the competition. That announcing thing I was remembering was about posting and announcing your own libs for people to inspect / use before the compo starts. Glad that is cleared up. 😉

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