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April 19th, 2009 6:04 pm

A final screenshot:

And the download link (Including Windows .exe):


Since I was too tired to write a readme at the end of the compo, guess I can put one here :)

Cursor Left/Right: Lean backwards/forwards

At the top of the screen, there’s a blue wave icon and a yellow hat icon showing the relative position of you and the advancing wall of doom. The goal is to ride the wave to the right and manage to land at the wooden dock at the end without the big wave reaching you.

There’s no randomness at all, the 6th level is quite easy after some practice – can be done without ever missing a wave and winning it far ahead of the big one. Guess it’s the problem of playtesting your own game for 48 hours straight… you’re bound to be almost perfect at it… or actually, I’m still kinda bad at it: video of level 6

Ah, and the cursor up key can be used to flutter your arms and fly up a bit, it helps landing on the dock. If you surf past the dock it’s usually over (but you can move backwards by turning upwards more than 90 degree so if you were fast enough…)

Used media

Also should say something about the used stuff:

The title picture is obviously just that painting and not made by me – considering how the game is all made after the picture that should be ok :)

The music/sounds are kinda cheated… both the music and the only sound effect are made in LMMS. The melody is out of some .mid. And the samples are all stock samples as I had no time to fire up sfxr and make instruments and wave noise in it…

Everything else is drawn by hand in Gimp, color-sampling (and for the wood structure also tracing) various pictures of the same painter.

Code is almost totally from scratch – only the initial versions of and are from the last pyweek.

Getting it to run

Under Windows, just clicking one of the two .bat files (windowed/fullscreen) should work. In theory not even Python needs to be installed… but some msvc dll might be missing if you don’t.

Under Linux, execute Needs pygame and pyopengl to work.

Under OSX, I have no idea.


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