[Final] Defend your castle

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April 19th, 2009 6:45 pm

This is the final version of my game, ‘Defend your castle’ (I know, not the very best title in the world) against a lot of monsters, which represent the wall of doom. Well, can you manage to survive until the very last level? Use missiles to kill the monsters and walls to repel them. Or use the hammer guys (but those are expensive, at least at the beginning). Don’t forget to upgrade your units, and squeeze the money out of your civilians, providing you have some

Ten levels for you to play. I forgot to make an intro as well as to make credits.

*edit*I should have made at least one picture for explanations. Sorry. So:

Missiles are $100, Walls $500 and Soldiers $1000 (kinda hard to see)

You can raise the tax to get more money, but that cuts down your peoples growth.

You need a few people, should you really get to the last level, since money isn’t everything

The monsters will kill your population if they reach the castle

Soldiers only walk on their path

This game is mouse control only

BTW, the rainbulb can’t be beaten by soldiers or missiles, so you have to go with the last defense that you got; and there are monsters which will just walk over your barriers

Stupid by me: i should have limited the number of walls, since it’s O(n) in calculations

Win version download here

Mac version download here

Timelapse screencast here

Have fun!

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