Escape from LHC

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April 19th, 2009 6:35 pm

Alright, I am done. Just a little “standard” AWOD. Too tired to write a description. I like to add I still don’t like the theme :'(

Well, basically:

You are a scientist at CERN, working on the LHC – LHC malfunctions, a blackhole is generated and you have to flee from the CERN … to the super-secret anti-blackhole-buffer-device-powered super-bunker (which is painted in antimatter-paint, so thats a plus also!)….. :/

Windows-Binary and sourcecode: Here

WSAD or Arrow-Keys to move, SPACE to activate stuff.


  • AWOD is consuming time and tiles, distorting them and radiating you.
  • Weird mapsystem based on bitmaps :S
  • Oh, and based on textfiles with a fucked up format for triggers

Things left out: Well, the highway-chase, a lot of gameplay, leveleditor for the player, good graphics, sounds, music.

Thanks to all the ppl in #gosu, it was a real blast, even tho my entry sucks! Maybe we manage to meet for the next ld! :)


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