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April 19th, 2009 7:51 pm

Update: For anyone who isn’t judging for the compo, you should get the patched version here with better performance and fixed collision edges.

Windows If you get a “This application has failed to start …” error, you need to install vcredist_x86.exe.

Python source
(python2.6 + pyglet)


Update: Visual instructions here.

Aliens have invaded and are exterminating the humans! Their massive deathbeam is tearing across the world, destroying everything human. It’s up to you to save them.

You are the white dot, and you have a jet pack. Use left-arrow and right-arrow to walk, spacebar to jump.

Grab the other colored pixels and take them to the rescue teleporters to send them to safety. The more people you deliver in one teleport, the more points you get. Some humans are worth more than others!

Getting hit by the beam will kill you and other humans. Your suit protects you against the turret fire, but the civilians aren’t so lucky.


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  1. increpare says:

    i had fun playing that. it seems relatively nicely balanced.

  2. jph says:

    ha, very fine game! is there any way to get fullscreen?? the camera shake is a tad bothersome,. but perhaps adds to the tension.., nicely done!

  3. noonat says:

    Didn’t get a chance to add a fullscreen command line option for the exe version.

    You can set WINDOW_FULLSCREEN = True in if you’re able to run the Python version. Might have unintended side effects — Pyglet forces desktop resolution for all fullscreen apps, and that changes the game a lot.

  4. Cymon says:

    Good game. Did a little review of it on my site (thanks for notifying me of the update). A couple of complaints now that I’ve played it more. Collision detection is off, are you only checking the walls? more than a few times I’ve been flhying through the walls, which isn’t always a bad thing. Also rescuees that you take with you at the end don’t seem to count towards your rescued total. Also the turrets are frustrating. Seems impossible to dodge them. Do shot humans no longer count as rescued? Kind of cheap having so many there at the beginning.

    I updated the post on Cymon’s Games saying this game could use either (1) more levels or (2) procedurally generated levels, or both. I think a speed run option with a fixed level (like this one) and a procedurally generated option would be awesome.

  5. noonat says:

    The update should fix the collision bugs. In the rush of things packaging the release I missed adding edges to quite a few of the tiles in the last section, but I went through the map and added them for the update.

    Awesome idea @ procedural levels! I’ve been wondering how I could make more levels for it, and these are simple enough that I could see it working.

    I’ve heard that feedback about the turrets from someone else too. have to adjust them somehow… maybe make them fire in more predictable directions instead of aiming at you?

    I was watching some people playing last night and one guy was dive bombing the turret bullets to block them from hitting the civilians haha.

  6. dock says:

    I just saw this on this week’s episode of Bytejacker. It seems fantastic, what a great choice of content.

  7. picket says:

    i relly like ps2 games because it makes me feel good when i am in a bad mood

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