Closing My Eyes: Final

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April 19th, 2009 7:00 pm

Here it is! Enjoy yourself!

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the progress of this, I won’t spoil it by telling you what it’s all about.


Click to Play

Click here to download a Windows Executable + Source

Coded in ActionScript 3.0 with Tweenlite, with art drawn in Flash CS3, and sound created in sfxr.

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3 Responses to “Closing My Eyes: Final”

  1. HybridMind says:

    looking forward to trying this again with having had some more sleep since the compo ended. Not a lot of sleep mind you… but some. I tried it last night and was just way too tired to get very far. I think I captured like 2-3 tokens max no matter what I tried. :)

    I think I enjoyed poetry mode more then fun mode… hehe.

  2. hamburger says:

    I think the game is gonna make no sense the first few times you play, regardless of how sleepy you are… it’s supposed to be confusing and discombobulating. But with multiple playthroughs (if you can stand the boredom) you might start to make sense of the story.

    I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get all 13 tokens in one run. The most I’ve gotten is I think 7. I was going to put in another achievement that tells you how many of the 13 tokens you’ve seen so far, out of all your playthroughs; that would be really nice, and it would only take a little while to set that up and keep track of it on the player’s hard drive, but I ran out of time.

    (If anyone’s feeling like you’re missing half the game, here’s a hint: notice that if you click on your brain you slow down your death, which will allow you to take a break while you’re waiting for later stuff to appear.)

  3. hamburger says:

    Thanks so much for all the comments, guys. I assume I am talking to no one but myself right now, but that’s okay, I’m used to that.

    Yeah, this game was a pretty major train wreck. It was obviously rather dumb of me to make everything so fast and compressed, giving the game this rushed atmosphere in which you can’t read most of the text before it disappears. I was trying to make it fleeting and disorienting, but never got a chance to balance it or really playtest it at all. Oh, well. I want to play with this system some more, and I will be doing a post-compo version at some point.

    I really love that so many of you have pointed out this game isn’t fun! Nope, it isn’t fun, but I’m so happy that we can talk about it on terms other than fun. I guess I shouldn’t have called the Rewards mode “Fun” mode.

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