By Touching It With Your Spikes

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April 19th, 2009 7:16 pm

It’s completely horrible and it’s not actually possible to beat it, but at least I got something made! I finished it before the deadline, as the members of #ludumdare (or their chat logs) will attest. Left and right to move, up to swap left and right (I probably should have left that one out), down to go into reverse.

Download for Windows

Edit: It’s a lot easier if you use F5 to save and F6 to load! It’s possible to make it to the tip of the black/grey line, but not to get onto the second set of dots. But you can win if you press O!

Clarification edit: The dark grey lines are the floor and the light grey background is an infinite void hole. As long as some part of you is touching the dark grey, you won’t fall into the hole. Unfortunately, I made the level in the very last two minutes of the compo, so I didn’t have time to test it; the result is that the level is impossible, and most of it is extremely hard. If you want to find some enjoyment in the game, try getting onto the first dot; that’s actually a reasonable challenge. As it is, this game mostly functions as a demo of the controls.

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