Bunny Press – FINAL

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April 19th, 2009 2:49 pm

Bunny Press final screenshot

Download the zip file
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Dev log below:

— day 1:

06:09 am:
Just woke up. Advancing wall of doom, eh. Right.
First, I google image search to see if I can find any inspiration..

06:49 am:
Got the game idea. You’ll play a care taker that tries to keep a bunch of bunnies alive in a room with advancing walls.
There will be blood.

08:00 am:
Sudden doubt. This isn’t going to be very fun, is it? Craaaap!

09:06 am:
Ok, I’ve got an animated main character now, and you can walk around.
I should start adding some bunnies. Or levels. Or.. arrrgh!!! I should make a todo list.

09:32 am:
I think I’ve figured out how to do the graphics now. It’s a pseudo 2.5d deal where sprites really are 16×16 pixels,
but are rendered from 16×24 pixel blocks.
Should look ok. =)

09:57 am:
Great, level collisions are in and seem to be working. I should add pushable blocks next.

11:45 am:
Pushable blocks are working, and so are the huge crushers.
Well, they don’t CRUSH yet, but they at least shove things around and stop when blocked.
Time to draw some bunnies, yay!

1:17 pm:
There are jumping bunnies now.. Eight colors of them!
I’m STILL not sure how this is going to become a game, but we’ll see.

2:52 pm:
Spent some time working on a title track. It’s very bad, but at least it’s music.
I made a silly title screen for the game with a scared bunny, and came up with the name “Bunny Press”.
Lovely. =D

— day 2:

9:37 am:
19 hours to go. I just woke up.
I think I’ve decided to turn the game into a turn based puzzle game instead.
I guess I should just be bold and do it.

4:32 pm:
12.5 hours to go. I list inspiration a lot and spent the day with my girlfriend. I ate a kebab!
I decided to finish the game regardless of if it’s fun or not. This should be interesting.
I’m sticking to the real time plan.

5:23 pm:
I’ve added particle effects for various crushes, like crates and bunnies. I HAVE to add gameplay now.

5:41 pm:
The bunnies now avoid the player in a fairly interesting way. It’s still not a game. 😉

6:53 pm:
Oh snap, after chatting a bit in #ludumdare, I just realized the game is about the PLAYER surviving,
not the bunnies. The bunnies are SUPPOSED to die. 😀

7:44 pm:
Time passes very very fast. There’s a bunch of blood effects now, but still no gameplay at all. I need to make it
possible to finish a level, AT ANY COST OMG! Crap.

8:08 pm:
There’s ice now. It’s slippery, but only for the main char.

8:22 pm:
Locks and keys! And a level exit that doesn’t really work yet.

9:07 pm:
The level exit works, the intro screen is in place, and there’s a small level splash screen as well. I think it’s
time to start building levels.

9:44 pm:
Things are going pretty well. I’ve got three fairly interesting levels done, and I think I’ve actually got a game
here somewhere.

12:38 am:
11 levels done, and I added sound. I think it’s time to call this a game and wrap it up.
Phew. I can’t believe I made it.


11 Responses to “Bunny Press – FINAL”

  1. qubodup says:

    Super! but ARGH needs retry button. in the level where the key gets moved away. I wasnt able to retry

  2. Notch says:

    Yeah, I missed that. :-\

    I might update the version on the webpage soon, but the actual compo version will be in the zip file. (I will say on the website clearly that the applet there is slightly modified with an added reset button)

  3. HybridMind says:

    This is a really great idea.. and hilarious in action. I got stumped on the back and forth level or whatever it was called.. couldn’t lure the bunnies out in time to escape. :)

  4. TenjouUtena says:

    You gonna post source somewhere?

  5. qubodup says:

    Yeah, is this open source regarding code and/or art? – Just curious, because I would then post about it on FreeGamer (open source games blog)

  6. Notch says:

    No, it’s not open source.

    I might post the source code for people to look at it, but I very rarely do open source.

  7. Notch says:

    Actually, I just noticed that source code is mandatory, so I will definitely be posting the source code tonight. Sorry about that.

  8. ParkerFarker says:

    None of the download or Play online links are owrking for me. I’m getting the 404 Error. ):

    This looked fun.

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