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April 19th, 2009 7:38 pm

If you know what Löve is, and have it installed already, just grab and run it.

If you don’t know what Löve is*, then take the all included ready to roll super dooper binaries for you favorite OS:

Each package contains instructions on how to run the game, and the following Readme. Enjoy!


  • Known bug. When you win (ie get the fourth item), the game crashes (instead of going back to menu). But don’t worry. You still won! =)
  • Game resolution is 1024×600. It might show up weirdly (strech for instance) on 4:3 screens. Press F on title screen to switch to window mode, much nicer.
  • The sources of the game are in the .love file, which is really a renamed zip.

arcticum, seal protection
The game where we learn that global warming is a seal conspiration.
By Noé Falzon <firstname.lastname(a)>

You play the role of the protector of the seals. On the small island in the bottom right corner of the screen are happy and peaceful seals. Their greatest ennemy, the polar bears, are a constant threat. If the ice shelf ever reaches the island, the bears could cross over and feast on the poor seals.

Hopefuly, ice melts. So seals have fireballs.

Unfortunately, fireballs are a very temporary solution. This is why seals have devised the best weapon against ice: global warming. If they could collect four sources of global warming, they would permanently get rid of the polar bear scum.

Game controls

Mouse: aiming the fireball cannon
Left click: firing the fireball cannon
Right click or space bar: switch weapon

Tab: pause game
Escape: quit
F: toggle fullscreen (in titlescreen)

There are three kind of bonuses, with effect limited in time:
– larger blast radius (red ring)
– faster fireball (green triangle)
– slower ice (blue square)

Bonuses take effect if they reach the island. To help them do that, use the fireball explosions.

Collect the goals in the same way.

The game is over if the ice reaches the island or when you have collected the four goals.

Game modes

There is a normal mode, as described previously.
There is a survival mode, for the hardcore players. In the survival mode, there are no global warming crap thingies to collect. The ice is faster, and the only goal is to survive as long a possible. Notice the timer counter in the top right corner.


Of course, the bigger cannon is slower too aim.
Due to time constraints, the bears are implemented but don’t have sprites…
The drawing of ice can be buggy if some faces cross each other.
There is no real winning screen.
This global warming thing is all made up. And fireball? Seriously…


The source code is under GNU GPL v3.
All graphics, sound and music are cc-by-nc-sa.

(* you just do as your toooold)

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